Tired of peeing a little when you cough or sneeze? Looking to exercise your PC muscles and tighten up a little. Well now you can with the Kegel Vagina Exercise balls.

The Kegel balls are designed to go in your vagina, into the pelvic floor area during your daily chores. Then you simply flex around them to tone and exercise the muscles. Some silent vibrations are caused by the weighted inner ball, which in turn helps your PC muscles to respond as you move.

Made from a medical grade silicone, the balls are non toxic and 100% safe. No more “baggie Maggie”

OK perhaps the idea is a good idea, and what they set out to achieve does actually work, however I Still believe they do make you go “WTF” but maybe that is because I don’t have a vagina.

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  • Price $35.73
  • Weight 2 included 32g (beginner) 52.5g (advanced)