Growing up I would sometimes sit and dream about the fun I could have been having if only my parents would have allowed me to get a pet rock. I was responsible enough, I just think that sometimes because their relationship was rocky, they was a little hard faced. All was not lost a few years went by, and I moved to rockport, got stoned a lot and chased my dream. I am the proud father of a pet rock, I couldn’t think for a long time what to name him so I just thought out of the box, and called him Rocky. I have no idea why I thought this would be a good name.

The USB Pet Rock, is clean, simple to look after, and makes for the greatest companion. He doesn’t need feeding, watering or walking. Each Pet Rock purchased is completely unique. Simply unbox, plug in to the USB and watch in sheer amazement as your pet rock does absolutely nothing. What’s even better is it doesn’t even use any power from the USB port.

Imagine how confused your co-workers will be at this one? What does it do? When will it do something? What is it for? Just tell them to watch!

No drivers needed, simple plug and play, no manuals or guides to read, completely eco-friendly and will last forever.


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  • Price $29.99 FREE SHIPPING
  • Weight 8 Ounces
  • Sizes Each is unique