Stressed to the max? Take a break from your boring 9 – 5 office job with the USB big red button. Yes that’s right a big red button. What does it do you ask? It let’s you vent your frustration and anger just by a single push of the button. It has a few different functions for you to enjoy.

BOOM! This feature will destroy your computer (not literally it’s a gag)

I’m working, let’s you hide your porn and Facebook by displaying the working spreadsheet. Perfect for disguising your screen to your boss.

Punch up. Dream of punching your co worker in the face from time to time, or even your boss? Loads a photo of your secret enemy and punches them straight in the face.

Web key, loads any website you want… the world!

Among other things the big red button can also be programmed if your a bit of a geek and good with some coding, you can pretty much program the big red button to do whatever you want! Just the thought of pressing that big red button should be enough to want to own this USB gadget…..hmmm you could spin in your chair like Dr Evil while demanding 1 billion dollars.


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  • Price $19.90
  • Size 2.1 x 1.4 x 2.9 Inches
  • Weight 3.5 Ounces