Grab 6 of your friends, if you have that many and set off on the amazing seven person tricycle, yes you heard me right! It’s not a bicycle made for two, it’s a tricycle cleverly designed for 7!! Every seat on this thing has it’s own set of peddles which can take you to speeds of up to 10mph. Only one of you does this steering and applies the break, so always choose a designated driver preferably a sober one.

This bad ass tricycle is Porsche engineered, finished to the highest of possible standards and has dynamo powered head lamps. However it will set you back a penny or two so you may want to split the cost between 7 of you LOL Or if you are an entrepreneur you could see the business hiring potential here 😉


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  • Price $20,000
  • Size 8' L x 6' W x 4' H
  • Weight 400 pounds
  • Colors Red, Yellow or Blue