They say it’s too late for Harry to see the light, so let him help you with your light. Hanging Harry is part of a range of novelty dead products and comes complete with noose tied so all you have to do is attach him wherever you want him to hang. Perfect for light pulls, blind pulls and key-rings. It also comes with 2 meters of free (rope) cord!

He is made from silicone and measuresĀ 4.5 x 3 x 13.5 cm

Also available from the Suck UK dead range isĀ Dead Fred, Splat Stan, Stress Paul, and Book Mark so is Hanging Harry is no stranger to tragedy. Keep an eye out on our website as his friends will be added very soon!


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  • Price $7.99
  • Size 45 x 135 x 30mm
  • Weight 59 Grams