This awesome gadget takes self defense to a whole new level! The Zap Stun Cane, even features an ultra-bright flash light to light your way, or you could shine it in the attackers eyes before you zap them with the 1 million volts!

The walking cane, or stick whatever you want to call it, is adjustable for your height and needs from 32″ – 36″, and has a weight capacity of 250lbs! It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, which will never need replacing and can last up to 90 days on a single charge, with the capability of zapping and shocking 500 people!

Give yourself peace of mind and get yourself a Zap Cane today because this bad ass walking stick would let Grandma take out King Kong!


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  • Price $76.99
  • Size Adjustable (32 - 34")
  • Weight Support 250lb max
  • Voltage 1 million volts