Spam A biography: The Amazing True Story of Americas Miracle Meat

Spam is a meat you either love or hate, personally I love it! Over 60 years ago Spam was created and the idea of putting pork in a tin was revolutionary. This book contains everything you need to know about how it all came about, the story behind the man who invented it, how it went from idea to shelfs. 9 Chapters of pure SPAM! The story of how it saved the Russian Army from starvation and all of the ingredients are included in this book. Did you know that spam is sold in over 45 countries of the world and that 100 million tins are consumed every year by 60 million Americans? You will after reading this book!

144 pages to make you a Spam expert, a spampert! Author: Carolyn Wyman


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  • Price New from $11.95
  • Size 144 pages
  • Author Carolyn Wyman