If you play the guitar, or are planning to then this is a MUST have! As a guitarist myself, I know the feeling all too well of finding myself pickless. With this ingenious little gadget the “Pick-a-Palooza” you will never be in this position again. It’s a DIY pick punch, which allows you to make picks out of pretty much any plastic you can find! So if you’re creative you’re going to find yourself with some pretty cool guitar picks.

The Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar punch is very straightforward to use, and small enough to take with you wherever you go. It works for both guitar and bass guitar picks, and we think it’s a great invention!

In the package not only do you get the Pick-a-Palooza guitar punch, but you will also receive a leather key-chain to store up to 10 picks and 4 ready to go plastic design strips!! You can purchase extra design strips in some pretty cool patterns here.

You can connect with the guys behnind this awesome invention over on Twitter HERE

Check out some of the reviews on Amazon below to see just how much musicians all over the world are loving Pick-a-Palooza. 5 stars all the way!!


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