Some people would say that Dogs are supposed to walk by your side, on a leash. However Pet Gear would strongly disagree. They have designed and manufactured the pet gear pet stroller, which can also be used for your cat (hmm)

The pet stroller is a a stroller which safely contains your animal. It can be used for dogs up to the size of 30 pounds.

Let’s just say they have really gone to town on this pet stroller, making sure your pet gets the full VIP treatment. It includes shock absorbers, a mesh window all the way around to stop insects from getting near your furry companion, and can be folded in just a few seconds to be transported.

It’s one way of sneaking your dog around the grocery store? “oh what a cute looking baby you have in that stroller”

The pet gear pet stroller can be used as a crate on wheels, which means you can take your pet with you while you do the weekly shopping trip. No more being tied up to a post for Fido.

I suppose this would be great for those of you who are a little over protective. How long before they manufacture one of the double strollers for twin chihuahuas.

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  • Price $78.99
  • Size 37 x 8 x 15 inches
  • Shipping Weight 13.4 Pounds