Not waking up to your dream partner every morning? How about the next best thing the dream kitchen station. Comfort eat your way through loneliness with the awesome 3 in 1 breakfast station by Nostalgia Electronics.

Part of the retro station this awesome machine can cook eggs, sausage, bacon while toasting your bread, and making your coffee. Not only that but look at it, its sleek, it’s red, its retro and is a work of art. OK that’s my stomach talking but it sure as hell looks good!

The Nostalgia Breakfast station features a built in timer, and will brew enough coffee for 4 people! Don’t you worry about cleaning, as the non stick griddle and removable oven tray make everything so simple.

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  • Price $65.43
  • Size 19.2 x 11.5 x 12 inches
  • Weight 13.6 pounds shipping weight