Want to give your sex life a little boost, shock a bit of life into your partner? Well…you now can literally. Straight in the nipples! The Fetish Fantasy Series shock therapy nipple clamps are spring loaded and plug into the little electro-power unit (this is starting to town like an interrogation torture)¬†and in the words of the manufacturer provide a “thrilling” stimulation. You can even choose a setting, sensual little tingles that stimulate the body, to a full on “you are my bitch” throbbing tap. Slow or fast settings also available to select on the control panel!

If you are new to electo-sex, yes it is a thing then Fetish Fantasy claim this is the best product out there. If you aren’t into electro-sex and you caught your partner cheating, you could always hook these up to his balls. BZZZZZZZAPPPP!!!! Ouch.

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  • Price $33.43