Marvin the Monkey by Big Mouth Toys may look like a cute cuddly monkey, but he isn’t. He is a rude, abusive, foul mouthed mother effin monkey. Squeeze his belly to hear him talk trash. Marvin the plush monkey has 15 sayings that are not meant for children’s ears! “I’m hung like a gorilla” has to be one of my favorites. This monkey is sure to put you in your place.

Marvin will make for the perfect gag gift, watch people’s faces when he starts abusing them! Let’s face it he’s just saying what we are already thinking!!

Phrases include:

Wanna Tug On My Banana?
Show Me Your Tits!
Baby, I’m Hung Like A Gorilla!
Kiss My Monkey Balls
I’m A Monkey And I Swing From Trees. Would You Blow Me If I Said Please?


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  • Price $15.89
  • Size 6 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Material Soft Plush