Check this baby out! The IcyBreeze is a clever little gadget which integrates a food and drink cooler with a portable air con device. Beach day? Relax on the beach with your favorite beverage nice and chilled, while the unit also fires you with chilled air keeping you cool.

Made in the USA the Icy Breeze fires cold air at speeds up to 25mph. The 12 volt rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 hours on the lowest fan speed but it also has the options of a wall power supply and car power supply. With its ergonomic handle and mutliple lift points it makes transporting this awesome gadget with you super easy!

Constructed from a quality, durable plastic, with large wheels so you can roll over pretty much anything the portable drinks cooler and air con unit by IcyBreeze can be used for pretty much anything, camping, boating trips, sports, beach days, or even sun bathing in the garden!

Never break a sweat again and no more warm beer!

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  • Price $395.00
  • Size 38 quarts of cooler space
  • Weight 28 pounds (shipping weight)