Worried your cat is lying to you? Is she having a love affair with the neighbour? Sick of Fido running away? Maybe your pet tortoise is just that fast you can’t keep track It doesn’t matter what pet you have, be it a chicken, a ferret, an elephant or a lizard. This handy GPS Pet tracking system will make sure you know where your pet is at all times.

Attach the smart tag to your pet, and with the hand held locator, you will be guided to within a couple of CM of your animal. You can even set boundaries, so once your dog goes of the lawn, the credit card sized handheld device will alert you!

Not only can you use this GPS Pet tracking device for pets you can also use it on your television remote! Now we all know how easy it is to lose that.

The Pet GPS Tracking Device works up to a maximum of approximately 120 meters, through doors, walls, bushes and trees so there really is no hiding for your furry companion.

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  • Price $98.00
  • Weight 5 Grams