Would you believe me if I told you that you could cook a meal in just 20 minutes with the Gosun Stove? Powered by the sun? The Gosun Portable Solar stove is the worlds first easy to use portable oven. Wherever there is sunshine you can use this awesome gadget, and not only does it cook but it can sterilize water also. So if you are a fan of the great outdoors and you love camping then this is for you! It has no use for coal or fuel, it’s all powered by the sun.

The tubular design works effectively and retains 80-90% of the sunlight that is caught in its footprint. It can hold up to three pounds or 1.4kg of food, or half a liter of liquid when using the insert. You can even adjust the temperature which will go to a maximum of 288 degrees celcius!

The GoSun package hasĀ a Pyrex tube cooking chamber, two parabolic reflectors that protects the tube like a clam-shell , a cooking tray with a handle for taking the food in and out, a cleaning scrubber, and a carrying handle that also becomes a set of support legs which can be used to adjust the tube to face the sun in any position along two axis’.

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  • Price $269.00
  • Size 24 x 5 x 8 inches
  • Weight 8 pounds