The Remote Control Ferrari Enzo is controlled via your phone! BOOM. Not only that but it’s full gesture control. Connect via Bluetooth from your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

Tilt forward to go faster, backwards to slow down, stop and reverse, and left and right to steer the Ferrari. It gets better, as you go faster the sound effects create a louder rumble from the engine. When you have the app open you will see that it is displayed like the dashboard of a real Ferrari to give you that real racing experience.

Headlights, tail lights, signal lights all are controlled¬†from the app and it’s made with a classic Enzo Ferrari body that is crafted with incredible authenticity.

The Silverlit Ferrari Enzo is wicked cool and entertains for hours!

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  • Price $51.99
  • Size 8 x 14 x 5 inches
  • Weight 2 Pounds