10 Disguised Self Defense Weapons You Can Buy Online

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WARNING: Some of the items featured here may not be legal to posses in your locality, please check with the correct authorities before purchasing.


1.) Lipstick Stun Gun $14.16 (HERE)

lipstick stun gun

Don’t let the small size fool you, It may be pretty, pink, small, and easy to conceal but this lipstick stun gun by streetwise will bring an attacker to his knees with 3,500,000 volts! Whip this out touch the attacker with it for a few seconds and it’s safe to say he won’t be aggressive anymore. The electric will disrupt his brain leaving him incapable of functioning who knows he may even wet himself! Rechargeable with a life time guarantee.


2.) 50 Cent Knife Coin $33.44 (HERE)

50 Cent Knife


The 50 cent concealed knife coin is a secondary form of defense which you can keep concealed among other coins. The blade quality is superior and it’s made in the USA sooooo……

3.) Gotcha Self Defense Cap $39.45 (HERE)

Gotcha Self Defense Cap

Gotcha tactical self defense caps were designed by a martial artist called Yaron Hanover specifically so you never find yourself empty handed. The cap conceals the handheld weapon under it’s peak, so it’s low profile but very effective. It’s made from reinforced durable polymer composite and is always within reach. Grab it in your hand and smash that attacker in the face while screaming don’t mess with me mother*****

4.) Walking stick stun gun $79.95 (HERE)

Stun Walking Cane

This disguised self-defense weapon was designed for people with mobility issues, and combines a very durable handy walking cane with a very powerful Stun Gun. The Zap cane is fully adjustable according to height and can support a person up to 250lbs. 1 Million volts to take down that attacker, and if that fails it includes an ultra bright LED flashlight that you can daze them with! It comes with a built in rechargeable battery and 1 charge is good for a hell of a lot of zaps!

5.) Pepper Spray Pen $7.40 (HERE)

Pepper Spray Pen

Looks like a pen, feels like a pen, but it conceals one of the most powerful concentrates of peppers spray allowed by law, the same in fact used by police officers. It also includes a UV dye for later identification of the attacker. 1 Spray in the face will instantly disorientate the assailant they will suffer burning skin, difficulty breathing, coughing and lost vision caused by their eyes streaming. The Pepper Spray pen makes for the perfect disguised self defense weapon, easy to conceal and blends perfectly among other items in your purse or bag.

6.) Folding Key Knife $12.95 (HERE)

Folding Key Knife

This keychain tool weapon conceals a folding 1.5 inch blade in the size of an average house key, it can be attached to a bunch of keys for extra disguising and ensures you are always prepared. Keys on their own can be used as a form of self-defense if used correctly, so imagine what this can do! Made from steel and with a lifetime warranty, the SOG Key Knife is a quality product which will add yet another form of protection. You could even use this for day to day tasks which require a small knife.

7.) Kuba Kicks Shoe Weapon $12.61 (HERE)

Kuba Kickz Self Defense Boot Weapon

A non-lethal form of self defense, it’s not going to do much permanent damage but it will hurt. The Fury Tactical Kuba Kicks tool fits in the laces of boots or shoes and is covert and lightweight. Made from tough high impact plastic a quick kick in the shins with this will leave the attacker regretting he had picked on you. You can buy these in a range of colors so you can blend them with your footwear. These are basically brass knuckles for your feet……….but not brass, plastic. OK maybe not but they are another great disguised self defense weapon for your protection.

8.) Self Defense Torch $16.29 (HERE)

Selfe Defense Tactical Torch

The UltraFire Tactical torch is a great tool, but also makes an awesome self defense weapon. It features a spike attack head, an audible alarm and a super-bright LED. Made from an aluminium alloy, the Tactical torch is tough, durable and mean! It takes 1 rechargeable battery and can run continuously for between 2 and 5 hours. So while you are defending yourself against attackers the alarm is also alerting people nearby! Cool.


9.) Leaf Knife Necklace $6.50 (HERE)

Leaf Knife Necklace

What a pretty designed silver leaf necklace, but this is no ordinary leaf. This is a concealed, disguised self defense knife. It features a 2 inch laser etched blade, which can be folded back up into a inconspicuous leaf design which fits perfectly on a necklace or key-chain. Easily reachable from a necklace position to defend yourself against them scum bag attackers!

10.) Cell Phone Stun Gun $20.71 (HERE)

Mobile Phone Stun Gun Guard DogThe Guard Dog Stun Gun phone is the perfect disguise for a self-defense weapon. This baby has the look and feel of a cell phone but can kick out 2.7 million volts, it has a safety switch as well for your own protection. It’s easy to conceal and use, and if you found yourself in a position where you was being attacked the cell phone stun gun is enough protection to stop the attacker dead in his tracks. It sends enough electric charge to work through clothing and will bring them to their knees. It operates from a rechargeable battery and also features and emergency LED flashlight.