In this day and age people are really spoiling their pets, mainly cat’s and dog’s but why should it stop there. Rodents need love to you know, your hamster, your gerbil, your mouse, they all need a treat every now and then and a boring old hamster wheel just won’t cut it! Introducing the awesome Critter Cruiser, available in different colors and styles! The Critter Cruiser is a car for your Pet Rodent. Place them in the wheel and watch them cruise around. You could even get two and race rodents. Now that’s what I call the “Fast and the FURRRRious”

Measures 5.75 x 11.87 x 9.06 inches and has an adjustable steering wheel allowing the car to move in different ways.

Easy to assemble and clean!

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  • Price $14.25
  • Size 5.75 x 11.87 x 9.06 inches
  • Color Available in many