How can you climb something the scale of Mount Everest in your front room at home? This awesome gadget combines a rock wall with a treadmill giving you an endless vertical climb. Consisting of hand and foot holds and rocks the individual panels revolve in the same way a treadmill would, only upwards. There is no motor in this climbing treadmill, it relies solely on the climbers weight, that way climbers of all levels can go as fast or as slow as they choose.

You can adjust the walls angles from +5 degrees, to -20 degrees, and the rocks, grips and holds can be positioned anywhere on four different locations on each individual panel, that way you can give yourself a fully customizable workout.

The built in LED display gives the user all the information they need, including the time they have been climbing for, calories they have burned and the distance they have climbed.

0′ 2″ H x 5′ W 8′ D

Check out the full specs below!











  • Price $9000
  • Size 0' 2" H x 5' W 8' D
  • Weight 810 lbs
  • Power AC adapter