Foosball has been around about 100 years now and it always stays as popular! We’ve had the garage foosball tables, the tables in the bars and amusement arcades etc so it was only natural somebody would combine it with a coffee table and bring it to your front room! What an amazing concept. Chicago gaming have styled it in a very high quality elegant wood and hand carved with a sleek glass hardened top with functional shelf below this Coffee Table Foosball is the perfect center conversational piece for a home. The Foosball players are all hand painted and the table includes¬†telescopic rods, octagonal handles made of solid hardwood, and adjustable leg levelers.

Assembled the table measures 47 inches L 28 inches wide 20 inches high and weighs 75 lbs.


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  • Price $549.00
  • Size 47.6 x 28 x 20 inches
  • Weight 75lbs