The Cat’s Ass is a rather popular theme for a lot of merchandise these days we’ve had the cats ass salt n pepper shakers, the cats ass towel holder¬†and now we have the cats ass pencil sharpener. I mean how do I write a description about this without sounding like I need reporting to the animal care authorities. You take the pencil of your choice and delicately place it inside the cats bottom, the cat will then start to meow to let you know it’s working, and voila a sharpened pencil from inside the cats ass is born.

The cats ass pencil sharpener or the Sharp-end which it’s also known by comes in two colors black and white, and even features a little litter tray to catch the pencil shavings.

A novelty gift for cat lovers……..or haters perhaps!?


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  • Price $16.27
  • Size 5.9 x 4.7 x 2 inches
  • Weight 5 ounces (shipping weight)
  • Colors Black or White