When they called you a fox, I’m not quite sure this is what they meant. Anyway this is a thing, and quite popular in the “adult world” not that I have seen hundreds of camgirls on adult cam sites using them, because I don’t go on them kind of sites every night. Or ever! It was a popup…..I swear.

The Furry Fox tail goes in your butt, like a normal anal butt plug, and makes the person with it stuck in their butt, look like they have a fox tail. Foxyyyyy lady!!

Oh and if you don’t want to be a fox, you only have to search around the links below and you will see that you can also be a pony, a raccoon and other furry creatures. Nice.

Did I mention it vibrates? The description states that this is safe to use, non-poisonous or toxic and has no “odor” Hmmmm? It’s also easy to clean. Thank god. That does not mean you should try to lick it clean like a fox would.

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  • Price $13.16
  • Size One size fits all buttholes
  • Weight 2.4 ounces