Hello Readers!

WTFGadgets.com is a blog and news site about gadgets & gifts. Focusing on the unusual, the whacky, the insane, the strange and sometimes the awesome. We don’t care whether you can find a use for the products or not, we feature anything that is different. Even if the item is completely pointless you will find it here. We search high and low to the deepest, darkest corners of the internet to find you entertaining gifts & gadgets. We even write the odd blog with lists!
We have huge plans for the website and hope one day to take over the world!! Muahahahahahahaha!!

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So who are we?

We are two brothers both on separate occasions dropped at birth, some think we are twins, most think we are crazy, we are both below average height. Sometimes known as double trouble, sometimes known as the midget bro’s.

Hi I’m Gav!

I like gaming, women, gaming, alcohol, gaming, women…….and food. I like anything weird, and sometimes smother myself in nutella. I’m the joker half of “double trouble” I never want to grow up, I’m like the Peter Pan of the real world. BANGARAAANG!!



Hi i’m Steve!

I like history, treasure hunting, watching anything geeky on the Box, MMA, marketing, and when I have time women! I spend all of my time trying to get rich, or with some new plan of world domination. I’m the more serious half of “double trouble” and because of my height get called “Grumpy” (seven dwarfs)