OK perhaps they don’t give the WTF factor, but still I mean come on slippers you plug in to a USB device? When did the world get so advanced. Nano technology, robots and now USB Heated slippers!

Say goodbye to cold tootsies with these furry little slippers, you plug them into the USB ports on your device (they require two ports) unless you have only one foot. The chords are about 65 inches long giving you plenty of room to move, and if your not a very good runner like myself, you could even go for a short run while wearing them. Or not. Using advanced infrared technology the slippers warm your feet to the bone! Both slippers have heating control so if you would like to have one foot a little warmer than the other then this is more than possible.

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  • Price $44.90
  • Size Available in different sizes.
  • Specs USB 5V heating elements