What’s that smell?? Is it a dirty sweaty unhygienic co-worker? Is it your own armpits? Not any more it isn’t. Introducing the USB Flower Diffuser. An air fragrance with a difference, it plugs into your USB port, and looks like a pretty little flower. What’s that? It comes in different colors and fragrances……surely not!

We all know how it can be in an office, the enclosed space, lots of people sat near by, smelling of last nights alcohol binge, or the 20 cigarettes they have smoked already this morning, or perhaps they have given up baths for lent. It can get kind of smelly. Well this USB flower simply plugs in to the USB socket, and diffuses a nice fresh smelling fragrance of your choice. You simply drop a drop of the fragrance refills in to the device and it kicks out the fresh smell. Each device comes with 3 refills, and they claim they last a month each, that’s 3 months of nice smells. WOW……just WOW


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  • Price $17.20
  • Size unknown
  • Weight 1.6 ounces