With stationary and pen thefts on the rise, it’s time we took a stand. This simple plug and play USB Yoda Desk protector will watch over your personal belongings and can detect intruders at 3 meters away. Yoda sends out a Jedi Master warning to potential pen thiefs with one of six awesome phrases. “Retreat cover you I will” “So certain of defeat, are you hmm” You really can’t help but say them last phrases in your head while mimicking Yoda’s voice.

Simple plug and play operation, He requires no installation. Just plug him in stand him at your desk and watch intruders run for their lifes! Not only does Yoda warn them, his light saber start’s to glow when he is ready to protect! This angry little midget alien will make for the perfect gift.

“buy me, you will”

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  • Price $26.33
  • Size 3.9 x 3.9 x 9.1 Inches
  • Weight 10.9 Ounces