Following your dog on Twitter yet? What’s that you say you are not? With the new gadget for dogs Puppy Tweet, Mattel have brought your dog to your social media. I mean come on we live in a virtual world these days, where we only ever see our friends on Facebook and Twitter, so why leave the dog out.

The Puppy Tweet by Mattel is a small little gadget that sits on your dogs collar. Simply set up a Twitter of your dog, make sure you get a nice profile picture, and whenever your dog barks, naps, moves, runs, walks, howls, scratches it’s **** this strange little gadget knows it! It sends a signal to your WiFi which then sends a message “from your dog” to Twitter!

If you miss your dog that much you just can’t bare not to hear from him while you are at work, never fear the puppy Tweet has over 500 expressions. Let’s say he barks while he is at home, you may get a tweet saying just how much he misses you! Now your dog really can be mans best friend. Just be careful though that your dog does not become more social media popular than you!

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  • Price $58.55
  • Compatibility PC & Mac
  • Batteries 1 3V Lithium Included