Want to become a pro? Then the 94Fifty Smart Basketball is for you. It’s the first of its kind and measures and diagnoses your skills helping you to build confidence, versatility, success and advance your game! The 94Fifty ball uses embedded motion sensor technology to measure your skills in real time and then sends the data back to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The smart sensors in the ball count what matters most, and will give you valuable feedback by voice and on screen visuals. It’s like having a personal coach with you at all times. It measures all kind of things like Shooting, shot speed, shot spin, shot arc, ball handling, dribble counts, and dribble force. There are different modes so you can challenge yourself, train, workout or even compete with other people who own the 94Fifty ball.

The Ball is compatible with iPhone 4s and later models, iPad 3rd gen and later models, iPod Touch 5th Gen and later models, and most Android devices.

Its made from weather resistant synthetic leather, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and the 94Fifty Basketball is complete regulation size and weight.

You can check out the full specifications and features below!

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  • Price $179.95
  • Size Regulation
  • Weight Regulation