No there is not an error in this listing, it really is a 55 gallon tub of water based lube! If your not good with sizes that’s the equivalent to 250 liters, or approximately 230 large cokes from McDonalds. Just think of the fun you can have with all this lube. Are you some kind of player pimp who knows enough chicks to hold a big lube wrestling match in a lube filled ring? Maybe you just have a huge “sex drive”

The 55 gallons of lube holds a $1393 price tag, which is not cheap for a shit load of lube! It comes with a working pump, and in actual fact if you did the maths and you do actually need this amount of lubes, it’s probably really good value for money.

Check the reviews below for the lube on Amazon they are worth 5 minutes for the pure comedy!

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  • Price $1,393.00
  • Size 55 Gallons