30 Cool Gadgets & Accessories For A Man Cave

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1.) Colt Gun Lamp

Colt Gun Lamp

If a lamp was a human it would usually be female. Up until now. This is a masculine lamp. It features a colt revolver replica model and the Colt logo on the shade. A definite must for a man-cave. You can buy yours here for $79.98

2.) Koolatron Mini Vending machine


The Koolatron CVF18 is a 10 can vending machine which holds 12 ounce cans. Press the button next to the beverage of your choice and it will dispense like a vending machine. A cool accessory for the man cave to add a touch of nostalgia!  Buy one on Amazon HERE for $94.99

3.) LG 65 Inch Ultra HD Curved OLED 65EC9700

65 Inch Curved OLED LG Television

If you are going to have a TV system in your cave then what better than the new curved Ultra HD OLED 65 inch model by LG. 4 times clearer than standard HD you will forget you’re watching the tele, with the lifelike picture it displays. Oh it’s also curved so that your eyes are the same distance from all sections of the screen, which just adds to the natural and immersive viewing experience! It will eat up a large portion of your man cave budget at $9,999 from here.

4.) Baseball Chair

Rawlings Baseball Glove Stylish Leather Chair

Shaped perfectly like a Baseball Glove it’s only right that you have some sports related memorabilia in the cave, based on the “heart of the hide” glove you don’t get quality like The Rawlings Leather Baseball Glove Chair – $6200 from Hammacher.

5.) Guitar Doorbell

Guitar Doorbell

You’re going to want some kind of warning when someone enters the cave! The guitar doorbells strum the guitar when someone opens the door, not only that but you can take it down when you want to play it! Check out the Guitar Doorbell here for $139.95 with free shipping.

6.) FoosBall Coffee Table

Foosball Coffee Table Gadgets

Invented in 1922 foosball or table football is an ever popular classic entertaining sports game.Chicago gaming have took it one step further and combined the game with a classy hand carved hard wood coffee table. Very worthy of being the center piece in your man cave. $549.00 for the Foosball Coffee Table from HERE.

7.) Metrokane Tornado Cocktail Shaker

Tornado Electric Cocktail Shaker Mixer

Not just your usual cocktail shaker and mixer, at the click of a button not only will this shaker by Metrokane mix up your cocktails in just 15 seconds but it will put on a pretty impressive tornado show as well! The Metrokane Tornado Cocktail Shaker is yours for just $16.60 from HERE.

8.) 3 In 1 Breakfast station

3 In 1 Breakfast Station

If you don’t want to have to leave your man cave for a hearty breakfast then the 3 in 1 Breakfast station by Nostalgia Electronics is going to be a must have! You can cook eggs or meat on the non stick griddle, toast bread in the mini over and brew up to 4 cups of coffee at a time. All from one appliance. Get yours HERE for $63.34

9.) Cast Iron Cigar Hand Ashtray

Cigar Ashtray cast Iron Hand


Even to a non-smoker a fine Cuban cigar is always going to have some appeal. So you are going to need a cool ashtray! This awesome heavy cast iron ashtray is a steal at $8.99 from HEREIf cigars have no appeal, then you can always use it as a weapon!

10.) Whac – a – Mole Customized Cabinet

Combining retro nostalgia with a contemporary and sleek walnut library or mini bar cabinet this would be an awesome accessory for your man cave. It’s going to set you back a pretty penny at a staggering $35,000 but you can justify this to your wife with the custom moles. Yes all of the moles you whac in the game are fully customized to your specs, just send them the pictures of the people who you want featured as a character and they will create caricatures!  The cabinet is controlled by a remote control as well so click a button and it opens up from the mini-bar to the game! Cool. You know you’re tempted, buy the personalized whac-a-mole cabinet from HERE

11.) Chill Maintaining Glass

Chill Maintaining Glasses

If you are going to have a set of beer glasses in the cave then you may want to take a look at these! The Chill maintaining beer glasses have a double wall, and in between the walls are filled with a viscous liquid which freezes rapidly in a freezer. Pour your beer into these after chilling, and they will keep your drink crisp and chilled for 30 minutes. Plenty long enough to enjoy. Each glass holds 13 ounces. They cost $79.95 from HERE.

12.) OverSized Sunglasses Wall Mirror

Sunglasses Wall Mirrors

We spent a while trying to find a mirror that was worthy of being included in the man-cave, after all present day man spends more time admiring himself than ever before. We eventually decided on the Oversized wayfarer modern sunglasses wall mirror. Adds a touch of style to any wall! A bargain at $89.99, check them out HERE.

13.) Ninja Star Coat Hooks

Ninja Star Coat Hooks

Ninja Stars are cool, and will add some serious man to your man-cave! You’re that cool you are just gonna hang your coat from them! Get a set of 2 ninja coat hooks HERE for $18.98.

14.) Retron Gaming System

Retron Gaming System

Retro gaming is HUGE! Who doesn’t love all the old classics, OK I mean gaming has advanced at light speed, and we wouldn’t change it, however sometimes simplicity is the key, sometimes we just want pure gaming fun. The same sort of fun we had on the NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy etc Well with the Retron 5 it allows you to take it back old school. In full HD you can play 9 different consoles all from this one awesome system. A Great fun man-cave gadget for when the wolf pack visit. The Hyperkin Retro 5 is yours for $137.50 check out the full specs HERE.

15.) Marshall amp fridge

Marshall Amp Fridges


Impress the wolf pack with a beer fridge disguised as a big ass Marshall Amp! Keeping your beers chilled in style. Be careful though may cause severe jealousy. Yours for $399.99 from HERE.

16.) MuzzleShot

Muzzleshot tactical shot glasses and case

The Muzzleshot shot glass is styled after the flash hider for the M16 family of weapons. They come beautifully presented in a custom pelican case, in a range of army issue colors. Get them from their website HERE.

17.) Tyre Wall Clock

Tyre Clock 10 Geneva

You’re going to need a clock in the man cave, so you don’t miss the big game! Check out this big tyre wall clock. It’s 10″ with a real rubber tread, and the hands are made from a wrench and a screwdriver. $39.00 HERE 

18.) Katana Sword Bookends

Katana  Sword Bookends

If you are going to have books in the cave you are going to need something to MAN them up a little. What better than a katana sword. Well bookends styled like one anyway. If you really don’t like books, then you can use them on your DVD & Blu Ray collection. Slashed in price now only $20.76 from HERE.

19.) Solar Observatory Telescope

Coronado Solar Telescope

The Solar Observatory Telescope enables you to look directly at the sun, and view it in all it’s glory and majesty. As the sun is an ever changing star it is currently approaching it’s solar maximum so now is the time to be viewing it! The telescope uses the same standards and performance as some of the worlds leading research facilities. A great gadget for the man cave. Available from Hammacher HERE for $6800

20.) Knuckles Mug Fisticup

Fred & Friends Knuckle Duster Mug

This awesome mug features a metallic knuckle duster / brass knuckles as a handle. A set of these for the Man Cave perhaps? Aptly named the Fisticup and priced at $11.81 from Amazon.

21.) Giant Robot Slippers

Giant Robot Slippers

The giant robot slippers are the genius creation of ThinkGeek! Not only are they the perfect footwear for the cave, they make heavy clunking robot sounds when you walk as well. They are limited edition though so act fast! $58.99 from here.

22.) Mind Control Toy UFO

Mind Control UFO Toy

This futuristic toy actually allows you to control the flying orb toy with your mind. Yes that’s right mind control in the man cave. It detects your brain waves and electrical activity that your brain produces  from the head band and ear lobe clip and in turn flys and moves the UFO toy! A great man cave gadget $229.95 from HERE.

23.) Metal Man Cave SignTin Man Cave Sign

What happens in the Man-Cave stays in the cave metal sign! It had to be on the list somewhere. $8.99 – HERE.

24.) George Foreman Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill

George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill GGR50

You don’t even have to leave the cave now for a BBQ, because George Foreman has created the perfect solution with this indoor/outdoor BBQ Grill. It uses electric heat, so you can adjust the temperature and in George Foreman fashion lets all the fat slide away from the food into a tray. $87.50 from Amazon.

25.) Rock Climbing Treadmill

Climbing Wall Treadmill

We could have featured a standard treadmill for your man cave, because your going to need a way to burn of the calories of all them beers. However we thought this would be 10 x more worthy. This is a rock climbing treadmill, so you can basically climb a mountain the size of mount Everest without ever having to leave your man-cave. Check it out HERE.

26.) Gerber Zombie Survival Weapons Kit

Gerber Zombie Weapons Kit

Clearly you are going to need a way to protect your man cave from a Zombie Apocalypse! You’re going to need a base when the zombies take over. The Gerber Zombie survival weapons kit is a must have, and includes all different weapons for taking them ugly creatures down! $318.92 to potentially save your life and defend your territory. Get some HERE.

27.) iTouchless Fingerprint Bio-Matic Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock iTouchless Bio-Matic

You most definitely don’t want the wife and kids gaining access to the cave, so you are going to need a more advanced lock. The iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock should be suitable. It comes in either gold or silver, can be programmed for the whole wolf pack, has pass-code override and backup keys just in case you lose your fingers. All for $299.99 from HERE.

28.) Franklin Shoot again Basketball

Auto Return Shoot Again Basketball 1 franklin sports

Shoot some hoops while your lounging around, and you won’t even have to get up to fetch the B-Ball because the Franklin Shoot again basketball returns it straight back to you. A cool little entertainment gadget that sits on the back of your door. It even has authentic basketball sounds, score display and a timer! $57.99 will get you it HERE.

29.) Satin & Cotton Smoking Luxury Jacket

Mens Smoking Jacket Duke & Dingham

What better attire to lounge around your cave in than a luxury smoking Jacket. Made from 100% cotton and lined with 100% satin, it’s the ultimate in quality and comfort. Hugh Heffner wears one so it’s only right you do! Get yours HERE for $499.95.

30. Zero Gravity Sleeping Chair

Zero Gravity Chair


The Zero Gravity Chair is the perfect relaxation chair from Hammacher. Elevating your feet above your heart, a seating posture developed by NASA for reducing stress on astronauts bodies during launch. The fully reclined position will reduce spinal pressure and help you keep proper spinal posture while facilitating the best oxygen and blood flow. It includes a motor which at the touch of a button will recline the chair in less than 15 seconds. You don’t get better quality than this chair made from genuine premium leather and hand carved in one of the strongest woods on earth (parawood) The perfect seat for the man cave. $2500 from HERE


What would you have in your man cave? We would love for you to leave us a comment and let us know!


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