22 Creative & Hilarious Coffee Cups / Mugs

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1.) Anti-Theft Plug Mug

Plug Mug

The Plug Mug is a mug designed to stop people stealing your coffee cup whether it be in the office or at home, it has a big hole in the side for which only you have the removable plug. Did you know that fecal matter can be found on most coffee mugs in the office? A great reason to protect your cup! This theft deterrent mug provides a solution and you can get one HERE for $16.99

2.) Knuckle Duster Mug

Fred & Friends Knuckle Duster Mug


Slipping on a Brass knuckle can make you feel all manly and powerful, but the art of drinking coffee is not so manly! So If you want to be a bad ass while you drink your coffee in the mornings then you can get yours HERE from $7.99

3.) Largest Coffee Cup In The World

Worlds Largest Coffee Cup Mug

This ones for coffee addicts, and would make a great novelty gift not so sure anyone would actually drink a full one of these. The Giant coffee cup is the biggest known in the world, well that you can buy anyway and fits in 20 regular size cups of coffee into one. Imagine the caffeine kick this would give. If you quit coffee you can use it as a plant pot!  $41.65 from HERE

4.) “Have A Nice Day” Mug

Have a Nice Day Mug

Sometimes we want to express how we feel be it to a boss, an unwanted house guest, or an annoying member of our family. The “have a nice day” mug allows you to express your feelings without actually having to say a word every time you take a sip from this mug the person sitting opposite you will receive a nice friendly “up yours” flip off! You can buy yours for just $17.99 from Amazon HERE

5.) Gun Mug

Gun Mug


This ones for the Gangsters out there, what better way to prove your a real G! Drink from the Gun Mug first thing in the morning and your guaranteed to feel like your packing heat all day long. The creative gun mug by big mouth toys features a gun as the handle and is the only cup a real G should be drinking from! Yours for only $7.97 HERE.





6.) Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring Mug Cup

The lazy persons perfect cup, the self stirring mug is button operated and will stir the contents for you so you don’t have to risk repetitive stress injuries to your writs or over exert your energy. Available in all different styles from HERE from $9.99

7.) The Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug Travel

Aptly called the Mighty Mug this mug just won’t fall over! The creative and innovative design ensures that even if knocked this coffee mug won’t fall over. Available in numerous colors and perfect for while your working near a computer at a desk if you act quick it’s on sale HERE $26.96.

8.) Toilet Mug

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug

Pretty gross right? The Toilet mug was created by Big mouth toys, and is designed in the shape of a toilet. Add coffee, tea and even gravy to give it that real gross effect. Only $10.39 from Amazon HERE

9.) Anger Management Mug

I flunked anger management big mouth toys cup

Do you know someone who lacks the skills to control their temper? Perhaps you yourself has a tendency to getting rather mad. Maybe your friends with the incredible hulk. Whatever the scenario you can Get the I flunked anger management cup HERE for just $8.16

10.) Unicorn Mug

Unicorn Mug

Unicorns are magical, majestic creatures. It was only right they should be made into a mug. It even features a nice pretty rainbow. To give you that magical happy start to a morning! A bit more pricey at $34.95 from HERE.


11.) Pipe Mug

Wake and Bake Pipe Mug

The stoners dream coffee mug! Combining a ceramic mug with a pipe the wake and bake mug allows you to take a hit and then sip. Made by Azul Pottery you can buy one HERE.

12.) Coffee Makes Me Poop

Coffee makes me poop mug

OK we all know that coffee is a diuretic and helps us get them bowel movements going, so of course you need to tell everyone. Get your hilarious coffee makes me poop mug on Amazon HERE for $11.26

13.) Shark Attack Mug

Shark attack accoutrements

Just when you thought it was safe to have a cup of coffee! Yes we stole that. The shark attack mug features a pretty scary shark lurking in the depths of your coffee cup. Get yours for just $9.68 HERE

14.) Ninja Mug

Thumbs up Ninja Mug

Hiding in the shadows, you will never see them coming, this silent assassin of a mug will hide in your cupboards. The ninja mug comes complete with sword and attire. You can buy them on Amazon HERE for $17.55

15.) Recycling Bin Mug

Recycling bin mug

The world is recycling obsessed these days, I know this because every time i’m over at my mums she gives me a clip round the ear if I put the wrong stuff in the wrong colored bin! I might have to get her this for her birthday. The Recycling Bin Mug costs $9.58 from HERE

16.) Cigarette Butt mug

cigarette mug

A great prank to play on friends or guests, just when they get to the bottom of their coffee or tea and PUKE cigarette butts at the bottom. Of course they aren’t real but they do look like the real thing.  $9.66 from HERE

17.) 2 Carat Solitaire Cup

Solitaire mug

Maybe you are trying to drop a subtle hint of marriage at the other half, maybe you can’t afford a ring.  You can buy the 2 carat solitaire ring mug from Amazon HERE for $13.89

18.) Cookie Holding Cup

Cookie biscuit holding mug


A real solution mug! This clever and creative mug will hold your biscuits or cookies inside the little compartment while you carry around your coffee. Fits 3 or 4 normal sized biscuits inside! $14.98 from HERE.

19.) Kikkerland Putter Cup Golf Mug

Putter Golf Mug

A great gift mug for the golf fanatic, comes with a little mini golf club and ball and the hole is built under the coffee mug allowing you to practice your putting skills while supping your hot beverage. Can you score a hole in one with this creative golf putting mug? HERE at a price of $9.99

20.) Cock Mug

cock mug coffee cup

The River ock souvenir mug straight from the souvenir shop. The river is located in England and what better way to say you have visited! LOL Not really it’s a mug which says CO*K. Craftily using the black handle for the C. Buy this for someone you think is a co**  $14.95 on Amazon HERE.

21.) Lap Mug

Lap Mug

What a clever design, not only does this coffee mug sit nice and snug in your lap and solve the solution of freeing up your hands but it also keeps your legs warm in the winter. A great design we think! The Lap Mug costs $14.95 from HERE

22.) Floating Coffee Mug

 Floating coffee cup

From the front this coffee mug actually looks like it’s floating or levitating OMG! The creative floating mug will cost you $14.99 HERE.

Have you seen any more hilarious, funny or creative coffee mugs kicking around on the interweb? Let us know in the comments section below!