20 Weird Things You Won’t Believe You Can Buy On Amazon

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1. Semen Recipe Book

Yes you are reading correctly, aptly named the “Natural Harvest” apparently after you get over the initial thought of it, you are going to be surprised at how wonderful the addition of semen to food can be. Not for me thank you, I’m cutting out salt. If you would like to try some of the recipes get the book from amazon  HERE $19.44

2. Elvis Presley Celebriducks

Elvis Presley Rubber Duck Celebriduck

There’s a whole range of these celebriducks available, but we thought Elvis was one of the funniest looking. What do you think does it fit the “bill” LOL Check out the celebriduck range on Amazon HERE $11.99

3. Replica fat

One Pound Model of Replica Fat

A replica model of what a pound of human fat looks like. Perhaps you can use it as motivation for your new healthy lifestyle? Get motivated HERE on Amazon for $30.00

4. Gallons of lube

What would you do with all of this water based Lubricant? The passion tub of lube is 55 Gallons large which is equal to something like 125 x 2 liter bottles of Pepsi. That’s a hell of a lot of lube! Good job you get a free pump with it! Get slippy HERE $1310.00

5. Farts in a can

Farts In A Can

You can purchase a real fart in a can on Amazon! No not really it was my initial thought however and after seeing the things I have seen I would not have been surprised. It’s actually a novelty gift which plays different fart sounds when you open it  HERE for $8.78

6. Expensive caviar

Four Pounds of Caviar Osetra Golden Imperial

Like Caviar you know the slimy fish eggs? You can purchase 4 pounds of it on Amazon HERE for $9660.00 apparently this is the better stuff, because it’s more yellow. Harvested in the Black Sea, this caviar is called Osetra.

7. Taken by the T-Rex Book – DinoPorn

Taken By The T-Rex Book

Dino Erotica is actually a thing according to Christie Sims, Drin taunts the beast, giving her tribes mates time to flee. As she runs, leading it through a gauntlet of traps, the thrill of the hunt soars through her blood, leaving her wet with desire. When the angry T-Rex corners the huntress in a box canyon, it seems more interested in her wet womanhood than in her flesh. 5800 words of Dino-Porn on Amazon from HERE for $0.99 it’s a bargain!

8. Pork chocs (Sugar Free)

Pork Chocs

(Currently out of stock) These are more popular than one would think, initially the thought of pork covered in chocolate makes me want to vomit but after reading some of the reviews it seems it’s a hit. Still pig dipped in chocolate is a bit weird wouldn’t you agree try it HERE for $3.67

9. Dead Rodant Rat Sorb

Dead Rodent Rat Sorb Odor eliminator

Is the smell of dead rats and mice bothering you? Rat Sorb is a dead rodent odor eliminator. It also works for rodent shit and piss as well. Get some on Amazon HERE for $18.00

10. Toilet Throne

Herbeau 550109 Dagobert Toilet Throne

The Herbeau Moustier Dagobert Toilet Throne is made from solid ash with an antique stain finish. It has a musical chime “Le Bon Roi Dagobert” Plays as soon as you raise the lid, pull the chain to flush and the bells start to ring! You get everything with it even the candle holder and ash tray. If you call the toilet your throne, well you are missing out! get a real throne HERE for ONLY $15,817.50

11. Coyote Urine

Coyote Urine

REAL Coyote piss in a bottle on Amazon Here for $7.99

12. Blow Job Music CD

BlowJob HoneyFeeling Music CD

Blowjob music for setting the mood on Amazon HERE for $8.99 includes hits like Wet Kiss, Sex Milk & Honey and French funky!

13. UFO Detector

UFO Detector UFO-01

Want to know when the UFO’s and little green men are near by? Well now you can HERE on Amazon for $49.58 according to the National Geographic channel one in 10 Americans believe they have seen an Alien!? The UFO Detector is designed to sense electromagnetic disturbances and signal their detection flashing 13 LED’s simultaneously and beeping.

14. Pickled Pig Lips

Pickled Pig Lips

I wasn’t really aware Pigs had “lips” until now seeing them pickled in a jar, sounds delicious :\ get some HERE  on Amazon here for $7.29

15. Fudge in a diaper

Fudge In A diaper chocka ca ca

Stuck for what to buy your friend for her baby shower? Why not some fudge in a diaper. Yummy bits of chocolate fudge nicely named “chocka ca-ca” wrapped in a diaper how appetizing make someones day HERE for $7.99

16. Bath Buzz Caffeinated bath soap

Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap

Start your day of with an extra kick of caffeine. If a cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it why not jump in the shower and lather yourself in caffeine as well. The Bath Buzz is peppermint scented and they say its really good for your skin, get your caffeine kicks HERE for $11.84

17. Unicorns are jerks book

Unicorns are jerks book

Everyone thinks Unicorns are these magical majestic creatures that grant wishes but they aren’t. They are arrogant assholes this book “Unicorns are jerks” exposes them HERE on Amazon for $6.99

18. Live Ladybugs

Live LadyBugs

1500 live & kicking (well 80% of them) ladybugs delivered straight to your door in a colorful, attractive tub here on Amazon for $12.99

19. Uranium Ore

Uranium Ore

Uranium Ore (People who bought this also bought a pet rat and 4 turtles) Get yours on Amazon HERE for $39.95

20. Dolly Sexy Inflatable Sheep

Sexy Inflatable Sheep Blow Up


How can we not include Dolly. We found her looking all sheepish! The sexy little sheep is inflatable HERE for $5.55!


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