20 Cool Survival Gadgets, Gizmo’s and Accessories

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1.) LifeStraw Personal Water Filter $19.46 (Here)

Life Straw Personal Water Filter


The LifeStraw personal water filter not only has proven to be a lifesaver it’s also an award winning project and is currently being used by millions of people from around the world. The Lifestraw removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, and can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water. All of these factors make it more than worthy of being on this list. A true survival guide, you can drink clean water from anywhere with this straw.

2.) Solar Tinder Box $24.20 (Here)

Solar Tinder Hot Box


No lighter, No matches, No Flame? No Problem! The Solo Scientific Hot Box uses the power of the sun. At the bottom of the tinder box there is a parabolic reflector that pushes all the solar energy to one point which effectively ends up lighting the tinder. Its small lightweight design means it can be taken with you wherever you go. Making it a very cool survival gadget.

3.) Gerber Weapons Kit $318.77 (Here)

Often advertised as the Zombie apocalyptic weapons survival kit by Gerber, this is one bad ass survival kit. Gerber is a leading manufacturer in survival equipment, the quality is second to none and is built to last a lifetime. The kit comes complete with One Gator machete, 1 x Camp II axe, 1 x Gator Pro machete, 1 x Parang machete, 1 x LMF II Infantry knife, 1 x DMF Folder knife, 1 x Epic knife, and 1 x carrying case. Everything you need to take out those walking dead!

4.) Geigerrig 1600 Hydration Engine Backpack $104.99 (Here)

The Geigerrig 1600 Hydratio tactical backpack allows you to carry 100 oz of pressurized water with you wherever you go. Even with the water tank there is still plenty of space 1600 in.3 to be precise to keep all of your other survival gadgets. Water is always going to be the greatest need for survival, but not only does the backpack provide water, it does it with pressure. So you can clean wounds, eyes and wash with it as well. Cool.

5.) LuminAID – The Solar Life Saver $24.99 (Here)

The LuminAid is a solar powered, inflatable lamp, that folds up to a nice compact little package making it an awesome light supply survival gadget. This Solar Life Saver can provide 16 hours of light and be recharged completely in just 7 hours. Made from a durable and weatherproof TPU plastic the Luminaid is good for 10,000 total light hours!

6.) Pocket Chainsaw $29.99 (Here)

Here’s how you keep a chainsaw with you at all times…In your pocket! Made from some ultra strong heat treated steel the pocket chainsaw has 124 bi-directional teeth and will cut a 3″ diameter limb in 10 seconds. (providing you’re not a wimp) The chainsaw is 24″ long and is simple to use. Perfect for cutting down firewood, or wood for a shelter.

7.) 686 Belt Buckle Multi-tool $31.50 (Here)

Industrial toolbelt 686

This creative little survival gadget combines, fashion and a multi-tool. The Tool Belt Buckle is complete with 3 wrenches, 2 screwdrivers and a bottle opener! Made from 100% full grain leather and cotton webbing the 686 industrial tool belt ensures you have some handy tools and keeps your pants up!

8.) Sol Grab & Go Survival Kit $30.54 (Here)



In just one product that fits in the palm of your hand the Sol Origin provides you with a collection of tools and supplies you need to survive the unexpected. The casing of the SOL survival kit is made from tough waterproof ABS plastic, and inside it contains an array of items including fire starting tinder. 150lb-test braided nylon cord, stainless steel wire, emergency sewing kit, fishing kit and a handy little instruction leaflet by Buck Tilton which lists over 60 techniques for survival. You can get the full list of the contents here. Integrated inside the lid is a rescue flash signal mirror, flip it over and there is a fire lite firestarter, as well as a compass. Hit the button and you can release a fully functioning blade, rescue whistle and ultra bright LED light. A complete survival kit that fits in your hand.

9.) Sea to Summit Pocket Shower $32.95 (Here)

Sea to Summit Shower bag
OK perhaps in survival you don’t necessarily need a shower, however keeping clean can help keep you free from infections and wash away any nasties you may be covered in. Attached to the base of the Pocket Shower, is a showerhead which operates with an on off twist mechanism. The twist also allows you to control the water flow, from a trickle to a free-flowing shower. Sea Summit Pocket showers can hold 10 liters of water, or be used as a regular dry sack to transport other items.

10.) Big Swiss Army Knife $379.99 (Here)

Swiss Army Knifes are always going to be associated with survival but check out the Victorinox Swisschamp the ultimate Swiss Army knife with 80 of the most essential tools jam packed into one kick ass knife! Not only does it feature this list of tools. It even features a digital clock, an altimeter, barometer and a thermometer! It will last a lifetime, and if it doesn’t they offer a money back lifetime guarantee.

11.) Grenade Survival kit $10.99 (Here)

Not only is this a 7 foot 500lb paracord (click here if you don’t know what a Paracord is used for) but wrapped inside is aluminum foil, alcohol pad, tinder, fire starter, fishing lines, fishing hooks, weights, swivels, dobber, and a knife blade. It’s an open in case of emergency kind of survival gadget which you won’t even notice in your back pack.

12.) Inflatable Fishing Float Cumberland $193.95 (Here)

Although it doesn’t come with the backpack this inflatable fishing float by Cumberland can fit into one. The Hydrodynamic hull is shaped for more accurate tracking and steering and it includes to shoulder straps and two cargo pockets with double zippers. The Float has and extra high seat for a drier and warmer fishing experience which is also thickly padded for extra comfort. There are just far to many features and specifications to list here, so if you want to read more then please visit this link.

13.) Midland 2 way emergency crank radio $67.10 (Here)

Midland Hand Crank 2 Way Emergency Radio


What are you going to do when your mobile phone has not reception or the battery dies? How are you going to contact someone in an emergency? The Midland Base Camp 2 way radio can be powered by a dynamo hand crank! So you will never have to worry about running out of power. Not only can you make your emergency calls from this cool survival gadget, but it’s packed with other features as well. The Midland XT511 has an AM FM radio, a clock with an alarm, and a built in 3 LED flashlight. It’s voice activated and has a USB port for charging devices. Waterproof and backed by a 3 year warranty!

14.) Camelbak Water Bottle $75.44 (Here)

Camelbak Water Purifier Bottle


Camelbak Water Bottles are the perfect solution for filtered clean water. It purifies the dirtiest of waters by using a proven UV treatment and removes 99% of toxins, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, metals and protozoa. It has a built in LCD display to make the filtration process more simple and intuitive. Complete with rechargeable batteries which will last for up to 80 cycles on one charge.
We featured the lifestraw earlier which does the same thing, but the lifestraw doesn’t allow you to take the water with you for later. The Camelbak All Clear holds 750 ml of water. It’s also available in a 6 liter bottle at an extra cost.

15.) Petzl Nao Reactive Headlamp $157.25 (Here)

The Petzl Nao is an innovative awesome headlamp which uses reactive lighting technology. The brightness of the light coming from the lamp will automatically adapt according to the environment and it shines at 575 lumens. Perfect for different survival situations.

16.) BioLite Wood Burning Stove $129.95 (Here)

Biolite Stove


The BioLite Wood Burning Stove is a lightweight backpacking survival stove which uses the sticks you gather on your journey opposed to fuels to cook.  What’s even cooler about the BioLite Stove is while you are cooking your food, you can recharge your gadgets, or run a small light from it and all this from the power generated by burning the wood. It weighs just a couple of pounds and is very small which makes it perfect to carry with you.



17.) Suunto Core Wrist-Top $245.00 (Here)

This intelligent watch by Suunto is not just any watch it’s also an altimeter, barometer, compass and a weather indicator. It has a built in storm alert which measures drops in the air pressure and alerts you of possible storms approaching giving you the much needed time to build shelter. As far as survival gadgets go the Suunto Core Wrist-Top watch is priceless, not only for predicting the weather but for other things like navigation and helping you stay on the right track, it has a built in compass and altimeter which can alert you to your current geographical elevation.


18.) Kamp-Rite Compact Collapsible Tent $118.79 (Here)

Kamp-lite collapsible tent


If you are looking for near instant shelter the Kamp-Rite Collapsible tent cot is perfect, it’s actually two products in one. A weatherproof shelter and an integrated cot which keeps you off the ground, and can be set up in less than a minute! So if you want to travel light then simply take the top half with you, but if you’re back at camp for added comfort you can set up the cot also. It comes with all the usual features, fly nets, windows and taped seams, it even has under bed storage nets to keep your other gadgets and accessories safe.

19.) Barnett Jackal Hunting Crossbow $249.98 (Here)

Without wanting to offend the vegetarians, some people will choose to hunt to survive and the Barnett Jackal is design specifically with this in mind. This hunting crossbow is the complete package, it includes a quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight for accuracy, it has a picatinny rail for mounting and a 3.5 lb pull trigger. The Barnett Jackal shoots at 315 feet per second with a draw weight of 150 lb’s. The Barnett Jackal Hunting Crossbow is everything a hunter needs, and the combination of the lightweight stock and power the crossbow delivers make this a very powerful lethal weapon. (WILL KILL ZOMBIES ALSO)

20.) Osprey Aether 40 Back Pack From $235 (Here)

Osprey Mens Aether Backpack 85


You will need something to carry all of your survival gadgets in right? Well the Osprey Aether seems to be a very popular choice among backpackers and travelers in fact the Aether series are the best selling backpacks on the market. Perfect for load bearing and ensuring the most comfortable experience. It literally has pockets everywhere for your survival gadgets! It comes with a lifetime guarantee as well so quality is second to none. Not that this will help you in an Apocalypse!