15 Strange, Unusual & Cool Alcoholic Drink Gadgets

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1). WineYoke

WineYoke Wine Glass Holder Necklace


Described as the ultimate in hands-free wine drinking! There’s no need to put your wine down ever with this clever little “wine necklace” by WineYoke Pop your glass into the cradle, and away you go. You can buy a pack of two here for you and your friend for only $8.50

2.) Air Con Drinks Cooler

IcyBreeze Blizzard AirCon Cooler 3


Having your alcoholic beverages nice and chilled for that beach day is one thing, but no matter how much you drink it can still get far too hot for comfort! That’s where this awesome gadget excels. It combines your usual drinks and food chiller with a portable air-conditioning unit. The IcyBreeze Blizzard can fire cold air out at speeds of up to 25mph and can last up to 7 hours! Buy yours here for $395

3.) Tornado Cocktail Shaker

Tornado Electric Cocktail Shaker Mixer


There’s something kinda “cool” about mixing a cocktail, perhaps Tom Cruise made it so back in the late 80’s? The Metrokane Tornado Electric cocktail mixer allows you to add all of your ingredients and at the press of a button create an awesome tornado mixing show and at $16.60 we think it’s a bargain! Grab yours here.

4.) Bottle Opening Sandals

Beach Sandal Bottle Opener


The Reef Men’s Fanning Sandals are one of the latest beach wear trends, not only are they made from leather, ultra comfortable and very fashionable they conceal a nifty little bottle opener at the bottom for a clever little party trick! $24.95 from here.


5.) Nintendo NES Drinks Cartridge

Concealable Bar Hop Bros Drinks flask secret pouring


Nobody would have ever guessed 20 years ago this year when they released the Nintendo NES that we would have eventually been using these cartridges as a concealed drinking whiskey flask in our “man-caves” The Nintendo Cartridge flasks come complete with stickers of different parody versions of classic games like “Drunk Hunt” There’s a whole collection to buy. Each one costs around $18.91 from here.

6.) Bill Clinton & Hilary Set

With all the controversy this presidential pair caused it comes as no surprise that lot’s of gag and novelty merchandise followed, you can buy a Bill Clinton Corkscrew for your wine, and the corkscrew is of course placed where his penis is. After you have had a drink it’s usual practice to have some snacks, why not some nuts? You can use the Hilary Clinton nutcracker to bust them open. Get them here.



7.) The Rugbeer


This beer vending machine called the “Rugbeer” will only serve you beer if you Rugby tackle it, but there is a twist, it has a built in “pussy meter” basically if you don’t hit it hard enough you don’t get nothing and in turn lose your money! It was designed as a marketing campaign for Salta and apparently has been a huge success!


8.) The Corkcicle Ice Wine Chiller


The Corkcicle removes the need for a space consuming ice bucket, and keeps your white wine at the optimum temperature from the inside! You pop this clever little gadget in the freezer for a couple of hours, pour a glass of wine from the bottle and cork it with the corkcicle. It keeps wine chilled for up to 45 minutes so plenty of time to relax and drink! Only $13.55 from HERE 

9.) Japanese Sex Doll Drinks Dispenser


If you didn’t watch the video due to the “graphic” warning, then I will explain. The Japanese in true Japanese “wacky & weird” style created a sex doll that serves drinks, but no of course not by handing you them. You have to fondle her breasts, while holding the glass under her nipples and she will then fill your drink. Wow.

10.) Liquor Bottle Lock

Keep your liquor and alcohol out of the wrong hands with this key bottle lock which fits most standard size bottles. It was initially designed to keep the drink locked away from children and underage teens, however we think it would also stop your housemates nicking your booze! The locks are tamper-proof and take a couple of seconds to apply.  Buy a pack of 3 for $24.99 here


11.) Full bottle Wine Glass

Ultimate wine bottle glass


The Ultimate Wine Glass can hold a full 75cl bottle of wine and stands 11.5 inches tall and was created by Big Mouth Toys. Originally was intended as a novelty gift for those who like to drink a lot of wine, however I have heard of people who use it! $13.51 from here.

12.) Concealed Hair Brush Flask

Bev-Brush Secret Flask



It will come as no surprise with the constant price increases of alcohol that more and more people are opting to “take their own” with them on a night out, in order to save some pennies. (We don’t promote sneaking your own alcohol into establishments) That being said it is a pretty clever and cool gadget, not only does it function as a paddle brush, with a little vanity mirror, the “BEV-BRUSH” is a secret alcohol flask. It comes at a cost of $31.49 but apparently can save you $$$ get yours from HERE 

13. ) Beer Belt

Beer Bandolier Ammo Vest


Usually you would see these bandolier vests loaded with alcohol! However someone decided to design one which would be more useful for the beer enthusiast! The vest can hold 12 cans and is styled in camouflage and comes with a quick snap belt buckle. You will be the life and soul of the party. Get the Beer Bandolier vest for just $12.99 here.

14. ) Largest Hip Flask in the world

Giant Hip Flask


We don’t actually know for sure if it is the biggest hip flask in the world, but we have never seen bigger! We don’t know if this should be called a hip-flask, as we aren’t sure it would fit at your hip. Perhaps this is for giants. Made from stainless steel and holds 64 oz of your favorite top shelf spirit. $11.35 from HERE.

15. ) Smartphone Breathalyzer

Smartphone Breathalyzer Mobile Alcohol


After all of this alcohol it’s only right you should make sure you aren’t over the limit! This clever smartphone device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and quickly estimates your BAC (blood alcohol content) It’s that clever it even estimates when your blood levels may return to normal. It’s the number 1 trusted brand in the world. At a cost of $99.99 it could potentially save you thousands in fines and more importantly yours or someone else’s life. Get yours here.



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