12 Of The Most Pointless Gadgets & Gizmos Money Can Buy WTF!?

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Motorized Ice Cream Holder

Ice Cream Motorized spinning holder


Unless you have some kind of disability or have that “lazy” disease we can’t really see the actual point. This Motorized Ice-cream cone spins your ice-cream round so all you basically have to do is stick your tongue on it! I thought it was all part of the fun when eating an ice cream deciding which bit to stick your tongue in next!? Maybe it’s just me. Anyway if you actually wanted to buy this gadget you can here for $9.99

Protective Case For A Banana

Protective Banana Guard Case


What can you say about this? If you are that protective over your bananas then maybe this is for you! It’s a protective hard case in which you place your banana to stop it from getting bruised or hurt. Why on earth people would actually spend money on this is beyond me but they do, and they are rather popular. Perhaps people care about bananas more than one would have thought. I’m sure this product will spark of a whole range of fruit protectors, if it hasn’t already. Anyway if you are overprotective of your banana you can get yours here for $5.71

Remote Control Pillow Cushion

Remote Control Pillow Cushion

Yes it’s a giant remote control built into your pillow. OK so you’re never going to lose your remote control again down the side of the sofa but really? Is there any need to have a remote control cushion? Unless there is some kind of lock on it what happens when you put your head on it or sit on it, is it going to change the channels? We think you’re going to look a bit of a plonker sat pointing your cushion at the television. Buy one here for $19.99

Native Union Pop Phone

Native Union Pop Phone Gadget


Regardless of the fact that these are very popular in the celebrity world with many stars walking around talking on them, I still think they are pointless. The Native Union Pop Phone plugs in to your smartphone and you can hold it to your ear and talk on it. I mean come on when did we ever walk around with a retro style phone hanging from our ears? Add that to the coil coming from your bag or pocket getting in the way of everything I just don’t see the appeal. Another fad product that caught a buzz because a celebrity was photographed using one? Anyway it doesn’t matter what I think so if you really want one you can get one from Amazon for $19.99

Scented iPhone Cases

Scented iPhone Cases


Unless you have a fetish for sniffing your phone, or you are expecting people to want to smell it then what’s the point. I mean does this ever happen “Hey cool phone, What’s it smell like, can I have a whiff?” Maybe the Jelly Bean Jelly Belly Scented iPhone cases are designed for smelly people in an attempt to disguise the smelliness. It’s basically a silicone case that smells?! Want one still? Check it out here at a cost of $23.95

Useless Box

Useless Box


The Useless Box product was created completely as a joke, and although it is useless and pointless that was the whole point. It’s basically a box that switches itself off every time you turn it on. You even have to build this thing yourself! Flick the switch and a little arm comes out and switches itself off again and that’s it! We think it would make the perfect gift for someone who has everything. Never the less it has no use so it belongs on this list. Get one here for $44.99


Laser Guided Scissors

Lader Guided Scissors


Laser guided scissors are a pair of scissors that fire a laser straight line for you to follow and cut, OK so they have a point however we have been cutting straight lines since scissors were invented thousands of years ago which is thought to be around 1500BC so we deem them pointless. It’s just another gadget that people think they must have. If you are one of them people buy a set here for $7.95

USB Toast Style Back of Hand Warmers

USB Toast Hand Warmers


The USB toast hand warmers plug into the USB port on your laptop or computer and fit on your hands leaving your fingers free for typing, and at the same time they keep only the back of your hands warm. I mean come on unless you are living in subzero temperatures with no heating in your office or home then why? We think they are a little overpriced considering they only warm your back hand at but if you want to buy some you can get yours here for $35.99

Smoking Mittens

Smoking mittens


The Smoking Mitten Gloves are a mitten for the smoker they have a little metal hole in which you place your cigarette, so you don’t have to take them off to smoke and thus keeping your hands warm. However we see a flaw in this design, you still have to remove them to get your cigarettes out your pocket, place it in the hole and then light it. Then what happens when your near the end? You have to take a mitten off to dispose of it. Hmmmm we also read on a review that the hole was too small for a cigarette. Regardless of my opinions you can get yours here for $19.95

360 Degree Twizzle Spin Pen

360 spin pen Fred and Friends Whirl 2


Securing it’s spot on the pointless list is the 360 spin pen, other than being able to place it on your finger via the hole at the top and spin it round it writes as any other pen should do. You can waste $11.58 and buy it here.

Cherry Pitter

Cherry Pitter


Another lazy gadget, I mean how long has mankind survived without one. Unless you eat thousands upon thousands of cherries then what is the point? How many times a year can you see yourself using this thing, it’s that pointless I would imagine that even if you did buy in some cherries you would forget you even owned this Cherry Chomper cherry pitter. I own an apple peeler, yet if I peel an apple I always use a knife. I just forget I own one. Another pointless gadget that you can buy from Amazon for $12.63

iPhone Hoodie Case

iPhone Hoodie Case


Dressing up pets, dressing up dolls, dressing yourself, your children……….dressing up your iPhone? Yes you can buy a hoodie sweatshirt for your phone. Why? I do not know. Other than protecting it from scratches it’s most definitely pointless. We do however know that people like to waste their money on pointless things so you can get one here at the cost of $18.98