10 WTF Things You Can Actually Buy For The Kitchen

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1. Penis Egg “Willy Egg” Fryer

Egg willie mold penis shaped fryer



How do you like your eggs in the morning? Poached, fried, scrambled or how about in the shape of a Penis?! Yes folks you can buy an egg mold made from iron, that shapes your fried egg like a willy! The Fried Egg Penis Mold is sure to impress your lady in the morning, wake her up with a nice penis sandwich! You can buy it here.


2. Hotdog Hamburger “the Hamdogger”

Hot Dog Hamburger Mold


Not a fan of hot dogs but love the shape? Not a fan of beef burgers but hate the shape? Well here’s the compromise the hotdogger shapes your hamburger like a hot dog. Confused yet? With the mold you simply shape your ground beef around it and then cook, and hey presto a hotdogger! This ones sure to confuse the guests at your BBQ! You can get yourself one here.

3. Egg Cuber Make Square Eggs

Square eggs Egg Cuber



The Egg Cuber is a mold for your boiled eggs, you basically put your egg in this and it will shape it like a cube! Some people like to use it so they can fill their sandwiches right to the edge, some people use it because they think it tastes better. I personally am baffled by the thought of someone inventing this, then patenting it, then marketing it and actually making sales. Anyhow basically it makes square eggs. Enough said. You can buy the Egg Cuber here.

4. Mr Sniffles Egg Separator

Mr Sniffles Egg Seperator

Gross yourself out with the Mr Sniffles Egg White Separator, crack your eggs into the top of his head and watch the egg whites ooze out of his nose like snot and brain juice while leaving the yolk safely inside him. Mr Sniffles is one strange looking fellow and add that to brain juice coming from his nose, it makes him totally gross! However I suppose it would be a fun one for the kids. If you want to own him you can here.

5. Hutzler Banana Slicer

Banana Slicer kitchen gadget


What ever happened to good old fashioned elbow grease! A bit of effort with a knife. The Hutzler banana slicer was designed to stop you from having to exert any extra energy in the kitchen and save time. Peel your banana sit it in the slicer and press and it cuts your banana into slices! What baffles me though is what if your banana bends the other way? It’s one of those gadgets that just makes you wonder what they was thinking at the time! Perhaps someone chopped of their finger while slicing a banana and had a “Eureka! I’ve got it” moment! Yes people buy these, and you can get yours here.

6. Cats Ass Towel Holder

Cats ass tea towel holder


You never realized the cat’s ass could come in so handy! We have had cat’s ass fridge magnets, which totally freak me out I may add, and now we have the cat’s butt towel holder, not only can you use this in the Kitchen but you can use it in the bathroom for hand towels! Simply put your towel inside the cat’s ass and voila a towel being held by a cat’s butt hole. You can buy the cat’s ass towel holder from Amazon here.

7. Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

Cheesus Sandwich Press Toastie Grilled


Forgot to say your morning prayers? Do not fear child for thou art blessed every morning with the holiest sandwich in the land. The Cheesus Sandwich Press will give you daily blessings of cheese on toast. Simply place your bread and cheese into the press and our savior Lord Jesus “cheesus” Christ shall appear gloriously with beams of angelic and heavenly light upon your sandwich. The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich press places a very clear image of the son of God onto your sandwich. Yes you can buy this, and yes they are strangely popular. Get yours here!

8. Oreo Spoon The Dipr

Oreo Biscuit Dipper


How many times have you dipped your Oreo’s into your beverage whether it be milk or a hot drink and dropped it by accident? It makes you that angry you want to kill. Well no more accidents and no more loss of Oreo’s because someone took it upon themselves to create the Dipr Oreo Spoon. The Spoon holds your Oreo cookie safely while you dip it into your beverage! A genius invention, or something like that. Buy yours here.

9. Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring Mug


The Self Stirring Mug was designed with people who don’t like to stir in mind……In a nutshell it’s a mug that you put your shit in and it stirs it for you. It’s the ultimate gadget for those who are lazy and bone idle. Just press the little button and it stirs your hot beverage for you. If you really are that lazy you can buy one here.



10. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Lock


Sick of them pesky children eating your favorite ice-cream or perhaps your partner likes to take more than his fair share. I can’t imagine anything worse than having a mental breakdown, looking for the Ben & Jerry’s to comfort you when you suddenly realize someone has eaten it leaving just the remains of what once was in the bottom. Well you don’t have to worry about this anymore with the Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream Euphori-lock, simply place it on the top of the tub and lock. Now only the person with the code can get in! Lock up your favorite ice-cream here.

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