10 WTF Funny Office Gadgets

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In this world gone mad, more and more pointless, strange, WTF gadgets are created every second of every day. So today we are going to focus on the most weird office gadgets and gizmos. Some of these are perhaps not so weird, but they are funny so we decided to include them, and it’s my blog and I can do what I want!! Well within reason.



1. 360 Degree Spin Pen by Fred & Friends

360 spin pen Fred and Friends Whirl 2


Yup it’s a pen that you twizzle and spin round your finger. I’ve often sat at the office pondered on my thoughts and realized that my creative juices would flow so much more if only I could spin something on my finger. Fred & Friends have priced the 360 Degree Spin Pen at $11.58 you can buy it here.


2. Yoda Star Wars Desk Protector

Yoda USB Star Wars

This USB Yoda Star Wars Desk Protector sits on your desk in front of your computer and while plugged into the USB port on your computer or laptop device he will protect at all costs your personal belongings! So this means no more missing pens, Yoda with his powers can detect an intruder at 3 meters away, and will send out a Jedi master warning when he does so. “So certain of death are you” “Retreat! Cover you I will” “A disturbance in the force there is” are among the built in sayings. Not only that his light saber starts to glow when people are near by! You can buy him for $26.03 here


3. USB Realistic Finger Flash Drive

USB Finger Flash Drive


I wonder where the idea came from, “hey joe, pass me my thumb drive” OMG I’ve got it a thumb drive, that looks like a finger?! The realistic finger flash USB drive comes in different storage sizes and is sure to freak the coworkers in your office out when they see it sticking out your computer. Yours for just $12.15 for a 16gb finger you can get one here.


4. Wooden Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse by Impecca

Wooden Bamboo Keyboard and mouse by impeccaWould you take a look at this wooden bamboo keyboard and mouse set by impecca If your tired of your old boring black plastic keyboard, then you need this! Made completely by hand from bamboo, the keyboard and mouse are biodegradable so when you get bored with it you can use it as compost for your plants in your garden! Yours for $72.99 you can buy one here.


5. Work & Office Desk Hammock For your Feet

Work Foot Hammock for office


It’s a hammock…for your feet. If you are super lazy and want to relax more while you are at work, then this one’s for you the Work & Office Foot Hammock allows you to put you feet up under the desk. Warning if you are going to take your shoes and socks of around people make sure you have washed them and if you haven’t then you will need the next gadget in our list. Yours for $78.99 here.


6. USB Flower Air Freshener Diffuser

USB Flower scent diffuser air freshener


Does one of your coworkers forget to bath regularly, or perhaps you do. This quirky little USB flower air freshener diffuser plugs into the USB port of your laptop or computer, and will diffuse a nice fresh smell. Simply drop one of the different fragrances available into the holder and away you go with a lovely flowery smell coming from your pretty little USB Flower. You can find them here for $9.99 


7. USB Big Red Button

USB Big Red Panic ButtonYou know you are intrigued, there’s something about big red buttons that puts temptation in our face! The little devil on your shoulder is saying “push it, push it F*** the consequences” The little angel says “don’t do it, it’s red, red’s a warning” Anyway it the USB Big Red Button plugs into the USB port of your laptop or computer, you push it and it does all kinds of gimmicky things like BOOM destroy your computer (not really) Load a picture of someone you hate, push the button and punch them in the face, hide your porn feature which loads a fake spreadsheet and much more, in fact you can programme it to do what you want! Costs $19.90 and you can buy it here.


8. USB Missile Rocket Launcher Desktop Weapon

USB Missile LauncherOffice warfare at it’s very best with the USB Missile Launcher Shoot them fellow office workers when they p*** you off! Comes complete with 4 foam missiles, plug it into the USB port take aim and fire. Not sure whether you will get much work done with this sat next to you. Oh this is the upgraded version and has MORE power! Get yours for $43.00 from here.


9. USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock


Yup it’s a pet rock. Simple to look after, doesn’t make a mess for you to clean, you don’t need to feed it, it doesn’t need affection and pampering and it does absolutely nothing. Each pet rock is completely unique. Plug it in to the USB port on your computer, and guess what!? It uses no power from your computer or laptop because the USB pet rock doesn’t do anything. Imagine how confused your friends will be. You can get one here for $29.99 


10. World’s largest Coffee Mug Cup

Worlds Largest Coffee Cup Mug

What greater way to “express” your love for coffee with the world’s largest coffee cup. Made from porcelain it is rather heavy and can hold 20 regular cups of coffee and can be yours to own for $48.15 from here.