10 More WTF Things You can Buy For The Kitchen (Part 2)

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1.) Cats ass salt and pepper

Catt Butt Salt and Pepper Shaker

If you read our last crazy kitchen gadgets list you would have seen the cat’s ass tea towel holder, well it seems that it’s some kind of trend and design fashion for your kitchen these days, these cat’s ass salt and pepper shakers are actually really popular! Shake the cat’s bottom and dispense the salt and pepper. Sure to get some good laughs around the table get a set  here for $9.65

2.) OCD chopping Board

The OCD Chef Chopping Board


I’ve never really concerned myself with chopping things nice and neat, I chuck it on the board and hack away! But I do know some people who obsess over chopping things nice and neat, and in even sizes. With the OCD chef chopping board you can cut things more precise than ever for just $22.21 from HERE 

3.) Afro washing up sponge

Afro Washing Up Diva Scrubber


Check out the Afro Diva washing up sponge! Sure to add some soul to the washing up bowl. Get yours for $9.28 here

4.) Pizza boss 3000

Pizza Boss Saw Tool Cutter


It’s the mans way of cutting pizza! Shaped like a power circular saw the Pizza Boss 3000 helps you feel more of a man while slicing your Pizza. Be a Boss and get one for $12.70 from HERE

5.) Selfie toaster

Custome Selfie Toaster


We live in a world full of vain people who are obsessed with taking 1000 pictures of themselves for the world to see, so some clever person designed a selfie toaster! The toaster for those who spend all their time admiring themselves. If you’re not one of them people it’s still good as you can have custom toast plates made for an extra cost, so you can have whoever you want or whatever you want on toast in the morning get one here for $75.00.

6.) Blood splash chopping board

Blood Tomato splash chopping board

It’s called the blood splash chopping board, but we think it looks more like a splattered tomato! Sure to add a little bit of fun to the kitchen! $16.70 HERE



7.) Brain Freeze Ice

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray


In true “Fred & Friends” fashion they have manufactured something rather weird and unique the Brain Freeze Ice cubes! The mold tray allows you to make frozen brains to cool your beverages. You could even add some different fruit juices and make different colored brains. Only $8.00 here!

8.) Moldy sandwich bags

Theft deterrent moldy sandwich bags
Want to save that sandwich until later, but scared if you leave it somewhere it may get stolen before you get back? These moldy sandwich backs should save you from the dreaded sandwich thieves. The moldy Sandwich bags are a theft deterrent cleverly designed with some fake mold transfers, pop your snacks in and they won’t look as appealing anymore. Still runs the risk of someone throwing it out though, but nice try! If you want some get them here for just $6.19

9.) Star Wars ChopSticks

Star Wars ChopSticks


Your not a true Star Wars fanatic until you take it to the extreme of eating your Chinese food with a set of light-saber chopsticks! All different colors available for only $13.95 HERE

10.)Freeloader Spork

The Freeloader Spork


The novelty freeloader spork extends up to 21 inches! So once you have finished your food, you can steal someone else’s from a distance! Made from stainless steel get one here for $7.99

Man Bowl

The Man Bowl

Is there a greedy man in your life? Eats more than the dog? This ceramic dish is designed to look like a dog bowl! Makes a great gift for the beast of a man in your life, but we would draw the line at placing it on the floor when it’s time to eat! Get one HERE for $19.46

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