10 Extremely Over The Top Pampered Pet Products

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1. Social Network Collar – Puppy Dog Tweets

Puppy Tweets Twitter Dog

Social networking for your dog because of your dogs paws he clearly can’t operate the keyboard, the puppy tweets is a collar device which connects to twitter (once you have created a full Twitter profile for Fido, complete with his favorite picture) and sends out tweets telling the world what he is doing #lickingmyownass #cleaningmyballs #eatingyoursofa. If you are a human who misses your dog while your working and want to know what he is up to, simply stalk him and follow him on twitter! You can buy yours here for $58.55

2. Pet Gear Pet Stroller – Comes Free with Human Chauffeur

Pet Stroller


Why walk when you can have a human push you around in style! Pet Gear created the pet stroller which is basically a pram for pets. It must have been designed for the older animal that struggles with mobility, surely?? I mean don’t animals enjoy exercise? I can see a fat pet epidemic coming very soon with gadgets like this! If you have a lazy ass animal you can get the stroller here for $78.99


3. Hamster Car – Critter Cruiser


Usually when it comes to pampering pets it stretches as far as the dog and cat, but no with the rodents climbing the popular pet lists it’s only natural that we pamper them, because straw and a wheel wasn’t enough they created the critter cruiser the stylish cars for your hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats! Available in all different styles, forget RPM this is RRPM “rodent revs per minute” if you want yours grab one now for $26.22 by clicking here.

4. Dog Love Dog Dating Website

Dog Love Dog Dating


OK this isn’t a psychical product, but it’s worthy of the list. This is one of many dating websites that are now available for your dog. You sign them up, fill out their interests you know like “GSOH” enjoys long walks in the park, playing fetch, chewing stuff! Then set the age and location and hey presto dog dating profile! Because we all have needs, and humping random dogs in the park is just no longer acceptable. Sign your dog up at www.doglovedog.com

5. Catit Senses Playground Bundle

CatitSenses Playground

Gone are the days your cat would venture into the garden climb trees, rub up against plants and trees, explore the world! More and more people are keeping their cats indoors away from any dangers, because it isn’t true unfortunately, cats do not have 9 lives. That’s where the Catit senses play circuit bundle comes in. It’s made up of different parts which you can buy separately or as a complete bundle. It Has a maze for treats, a massage center, a grass garden, and a speed circuit toy because a toy mouse and a scratch post simply are not good enough for your feline friend. Get the Catit Sense Bundle here for $71.33



6. Pet Umbrella

Pet Umbrella for Dogs 1


Yes this is an umbrella for your pet. It attaches to your dogs collar or leash keeping your dog safe from the harmful raindrops! We wouldn’t want to ruin the recent dog salon hair-do would we. Get yours here for $9.49

7. Dog Face Time


If being away from your pet in the day is breaking your heart, and you just can’t face the day without seeing their cute furry face then the PetChatz Greet and Treat Videophone is what you need. From anywhere with a smartphone, computer, or tablet you can call your pet, video chat, dispense a treat and even send a “comforting scent” whatever one of those are. At a cost of $349 you can get one here and never have to miss your pet again.

8. The Aquatic Pram

Although I could not actually find a place that stocks these “fish walkers” their is a lot of evidence that they do exist. The first picture is of a gentlemen using his “aquatic pram” and taking his goldfish for a walk. I mean for a fish swimming around in the same small bowl, seeing the same things over and over and over again must get boring right, so why not let them see the world. What makes a cat or dog more important than a goldfish? So why shouldn’t we take them for a walk. The second is the transporter gadget for fish, pictured is a man who carries his fish with him everywhere. Crazy…

9. Real Diamonds Dog Collar
Posh Puppy Necklace Diamond 150000

If you act quick you can catch this REAL diamond collar on sale reduced from $150,000 to ONLY $135,000. I mean of course your dog will be overjoyed with this as a gift equally as joyed as if you had just given her a $5 dollar bone for her to get her teeth into. What’s an extra $134,995 for your dogs happiness right? You get A 1.52-carat marquise-cut diamond and it’s said to be the crown jewels of the dog kingdom. You can even buy it online add it to your basket now at www.poshpuppyboutique.com


10. Cat Heated Spa Bed

Cat Sauna


Yes you heard right it’s the cat heated spa bed! The Pierre heated bed combines both a stylish design (because your cat cares about interior design) with a plush cushion which is head by panels that are incorporated around the bed. In turn it gives your kitty a radiant spa heat from beneath the cushions and at the back of the device. This is the life Meeeeeowww!! I don’t even get time to go to a spa LOL You can buy one for $350 in the sales from www.faunasauna.com