10 WTF Products You Can Buy Online For The Bathroom

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1. Shittens



Protect your hand’s from poop with the aptly named “Shittens” the mittens you put on to wipe ass, all kinds of ass, baby ass, dog ass and even your ass. Each pack contains 20 disposable shitten moist wipes and believe it or not these are FDA approved and non-harmful for babies or pets. They claim the Shittens are to eliminate the risk of getting any feces on your hands, due to the risks of wet wipes. If you have a need for the Shittens and clean up a lot of poop then you can buy your pack here.



2. Social Shower Curtain

Social Shower Curtain


As if it wasn’t enough that we spend the majority of our lives on Social Networks, and have more virtual friends than real ones these days. Someone found it appropriate to make a “social shower curtain” complete with a little window where you can place your head, so you can pretend you’re in you’re profile on Facebook! It’s sure to be a topic of conversation with guests! So if you are a social addict click here to buy one for $7.73

3. Accoutrements Bacon Soap Products

The majority of the world loves the smell of bacon, apart from some religions and i’m guessing vegetarians. So Archie McPhee release a whole shit load of bacon related products which upon further investigation seem a lot more popular than they should be. People are going crazy for it. The products released include these two, a bacon soap, and a bacon body wash so you can bathe in bacon and come out smelling like bacon. Which is going to make you a whole lot more appealing to the Hannibal Lecter so watch out! “On a similar note I must confess to you, I’m giving very serious thought… to eating your wife. Especially now she smells like Bacon” you can buy your bacon soap products here! Starting from $6.00

4. Sex in the Shower Foot Rest

Sex in the Shower Foot Rest


This may look like some dodgy cheap plastic soap holder, but it conceals a secret! It’s a foot rest for the shower for you and your partner while you are doing your “business” It apparently makes sex safer and allows you to get into all kinds of positions without falling and breaking your neck. It comes in different size packs starting with a single foot rest, up to a six foot rest pack, which I presume is for couples who have 3 legs each. If you are a sex in the shower “enthusiast” you can get your foot rests here.

5. Bloody Bathroom Accessories


Turn your bathroom into a scene from a horror movie with these Spinning Hat bloody hand print bathroom products, you can get bloody shower curtains, bloody hand towels and even the bloody foot print bath mat all complete with blood. If anything you are really going to freak out people who visit the bathroom at your house. Get them here.

6. Hook Line and Stinker Toilet Fishing Game

Hook Line & Stinker Fishing Toilet Game 2


I personally don’t spend long enough on the toilet to justify buying the Big Mouth Toys Hook Line and Stinker game, however I do know some people who see it as their “throne” The game was designed to occupy you while you poop. The aim of the game is simple cast out your rod, and by rod I mean the toy rod, and try to catch the fish. The game comes with the fishing rod, a vinyl lake, three colored fish, and a gone fishing do not disturb sign for the door! Who thinks of these products!! You can get yours here for $13.64

7. Waterproof Notepad

Aqua Notes Waterproof notepad


Some scientists believe that most ideas come to us while we shower, or bathe. It’s said we are at our most relaxed and thoughts become more clear. So what happens with all of this clarity, all of these ideas, solutions, eureka moments? We more than likely forget them by the time we step back into the ever stressful world. What if there is a solution though? Well i’m pleased to tell you that there is. The Waterproof Aqua Notes Notepad complete with waterproof pencil. Get yours here for $7.51

8. Toilet Roll Docking Station

iCarta Toilet Roll Holder Docking Station


It’s true we can’t go anywhere these days without our mobile phones, and in many studies the phone is the 1 thing people would not be without. As I was saying previously some people spend a lot of time dumping. If you are one of these people you may get bored while waiting to empty your bowels, how about a good old sing along? Listen to some tunes to help you relax. Well combining a toilet roll holder and a iPod, iPhone docking station iCarta have created this little gadget. You can now even get the iCarta 2 which is a wireless and Bluetooth version! Get one here from $29.99

9. Non Slip Banana Sticker

Slip No More Bath Banana Sticker


Slip no more are the bath shower decal stickers that stop you from slipping in the shower. They also thought it would be funny and ironic to make one that looks like a banana.

10. Toilet Roll Holder & iPad Pedestal

iPad Toilet Roll Holder 2


CTA Digital have created a complete pedestal for your iPad and combined it with a handy toilet paper holder. It’s easily adjusted to any angle or position and comes in a fashionably sleek chrome design. The bottom is weighted so you can be sure it won’t fall on you while you poop! You can buy one here for $36.99


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